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Every successful organization is driven by a basic set of correlated criteria – Database and Active Users. From Apple to Google to Facebook and Alibaba, the most successful Fortune 500 organizations today are competing everyday: 24/7, around-the-clock, down to every split second, just to attract a higher number of active users and end clients.

Simply put it this way, a mediocre platform with a big active database is more valuable than a great platform with limited users. Numbers speak volumes. Financial.org understands that this is a numbers game; like all successful organizations, we look at the growth in active members, users and clients as our number one priority. Thus, Financial.org has made Growth and Extension our main strategic direction for the next 4 years. We aim to grow our membership to 1 million members by 2019 and 10 million Strong by the end of 2022. Growth allows Financial.org to deepen its impact in its user communities while expanding its successful programs to new territories.

Successful growth in this Financial Education Platform means improving people's lives. A continued healthy growth contributes directly to building a strong and effective Independent Financial Education Platform that will strive to maintain its leading position for generations while a continued success in our education platform programs will lead to ongoing opportunities, achievements and accomplishments for all our Membership Bases.

Financial.org Member-base
Growth Target Chart:

Operational costs are expenses associated with the maintenance and administration of an organization on a day-to-day basis; they are the routine costs of running a business, nonprofit organization or platform. Financial.org covers its operational costs from membership fees, educational activities, partnership fees. Our Membership Fee starts at a mere USD3.00 per month. The larger our membership base, the healthier, stronger and more stable this financial education platform will become; a strong and growing member base ensures long term solidity and success.

Membership Referral Program:

Our Membership Referral Program has been a Time Proven Success Formula. All in all, it is an effective and healthy membership program, designed and managed to deliver maximum Benefits, Rewards and Satisfactions for all our members over the long haul. When Financial.org was soft launched in early 2016, our member management, together with a few visionary pioneer members and partners had created a member referral program to ensure that our long-term member recruitment process is in coherence with our corporate mission and founding philosophies. More importantly, this Financial Education platform is built upon the trust of our Members. It is through the trust and recommendations of our members, that our membership base continues to grow and expand at such impressive rates. We believe that in order to create a successful financial network, new members need to be referred by existing members. Such referral framework creates professional relationships within groups of people and help establishing valuable financial networking circles. New members will undergo a comprehensive vetting process which including Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures in accordance with international standards before having their account fully activated.

Members Benefits:

  1. Members are able to join our Educational Programs around the world at discounted prices;
  2. Members get priority ticket reservations at subsidized prices for Gala Dinners;
  3. Members get ongoing financial education, advice and support along with countless investing opportunities;
  4. Members get updated financial information, especially on selected S&P500 Stocks;
  5. Members can connect their account to Blockchain Live-Trading System.

Financial.org Education Platform aims to serve its members from all over the world; we are dedicated to providing unbiased Financial Education Concepts and Strategies to all our members. These include: S&P500 Stocks, FOREX, Commodity, Cryptocurrency or any relevant asset classes in the future.

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Financial.org is an educational platform. We DO NOT deal with securities and receive any financial benefits from Financial Products & Service Providers.
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