Cyberattack Alert - Severe WARNINGS & CAUTIONS to All Members
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26/04/2018 16:05

Safety of Clients' Funds

That is why we work on the principles of: does not handle clients’ fund. All the funds are being transfered directly from members to financial service providers (FSPs) either directly or through their appointed payment providers/gateways. We DO NOT manage or act as custodian for local/foreign collective investment schemes or distributing schemes of this kind to both qualified and non-qualified investors.

We value your money. works on a fully automated transaction monitoring system that smartly helps members to manage & oversee their investments held with various FSPs.

Security tokens similar to those used by major international banks are issued to members to facilitate the login process into their online account. This high-end security feature will further ensure the safety of our members’ online account information and transactions from being breached by irresponsible 3rd parties.

Financial Innovation - It's your Future

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