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Corporate Governance's corporate governance is a set of rules that determines how this organization is managed and run by its office bearers. The Executive Management Team runs the organization on a daily basis, while Members Committee (when fully established) will act as the check and balance mechanism to ensure members’ rights and benefits are protected in the long run.

Members Committee

Members Committee structure in is similar to “Board of Directors” in other corporations.

Regional Members Committee (RMC) members will assist to run our financial activities & educational programs such as talks, seminars and workshops in many countries. Each RMC will have 5 members and reports to IMC.

An International Members Committee (IMC) with 7 members led by its Chairman will work together with the Executive Management to ensure the smooth running of all financial activities & educational programs around the world. IMC will also advise and work hand in hand with the management to set the short, medium and long term goals of this organisation.

Being Pioneers means putting yourself out there for the world to judge.

RMC & IMC members are appointed by as well as upon recommendation by fellow committee members. Appointments are based on merits – being pioneer members as well as members who contributed a lot of time and money to help establish's reputation and legacy.

Intuitively Designed Around Your Needs

However, it will take a couple of years for to set up these members committees. RMC is expected to materialize and fully functional by 2017 and IMC the year after.

Eventually, will become an organization that is by its members and for its members. Moving Forward with Confidence

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