Making a Difference

At, we try to make a difference; we strive to make a difference; we aim to make a difference. is set out to help the global emerging middle class so that they too can share the pie of the wealthiest 1%. We provide lifelong applicable financial literacy as well as real world long-term market investment strategies, concepts, trends and opportunities across a wide range of asset classes to our members. is a member-based platform with growing footprints across the globe. Founding members, Network Leaders, Brand Ambassadors, Partners and Affiliates get invited or appointed to form Joint Committees across different regions to determine the directions of our Independent Education Platform along with its ongoing educational programs and activities. In addition, we have a small but effective corporate management team that oversees the smooth running of all day-to-day operations.

We emphasize on Lifelong Financial Education & Knowledge, Smart Investment & Interactions between members and Financial Service Providers (FSPs). is founded on the following philosophies:

  1. Financial Education can be free and cheap. One doesn’t necessary need to pay tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars to obtain a master degree or doctorate in economics in order to educate himself/herself financially.

  2. Financial Education should be a Lifetime Passion and requires Lifelong Learning. As the market trends, global economy and political dynamics change every day, financial education should be treated as a daily hobby and a lifetime interest

  3. Build a Financial Networking circle that embraces the saying of “Birds of the same feather flock together”. Members should build their own financial circle, educate and learn from each other as they journey ahead.

  4. acts as a bridge between Educated Members & Qualified Investors and Financial Service Providers (FSPs) on Financial.Org Blockchain System (FOINS) platform; there are hundreds of thousands to millions of well-educated and qualified investors on one side of the bridge, on the other side are the well-screened, responsible FSPs who can deliver what they promise.

Making Financial Education available to everyone who needs it is a complicated process. It takes enormous collaboration and requires an incredible breadth of hard work, knowledge and expertise to turn this astonishing idea into motion and results. We want to build our FINANCIAL Education Brand and Platform based on the above founding philosophies with others who share our common goal, idea, passion and perspective.

Download our official mobile apps today. is an educational platform. We DO NOT deal with securities and receive any financial benefits from Financial Products & Service Providers.
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